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Noah Tannen   President  of  Rupert

Noah Tannen
President of Rupert

Yuri is a creative chameleon. Glance through his work and you'll see a wide variety of styles and techniques. But if you are looking for a common thread, it might be this: Yuri's work is smart. It conveys the spirit and attitude of each brand with nuance and intelligence. He also happens to be a great guy, a true professional and fun to work with.

Yuri is a talented and creative designer who took on our brand new non profit's need for a logo and identity with compassion and drive. After many months of delving deeply into the culture and mission of our organization... he gave us the branding in our field that is now recognizable throughout the city. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Patty Haven Fleischmann   Founder & President  StolenYouth

Patty Haven Fleischmann
Founder & President

Henry   Yiu   Cofounder  of  States of Matter

Henry Yiu
Cofounder of States of Matter

“Yuri is one of those rare designers that never gives up the best idea for the client and he has the experience to back it up strategically with a wide range to provide the best concepts for consideration.
Also he makes it fun, a hallmark of the Yuri design experience.