I believe that there's more substance to words when they come from happy clients.

Erika Ianoale   Founder of Satya Juice

Erika Ianoale
Founder of Satya Juice

We'd been looking for a graphic designer for months, but the few ones we connected with never seemed able to meet our vision. Finally, we discovered Yuri Shvets Design. In addition to Yuri’s tremendous creative talent, the real difference was that Yuri LISTENED to us. He heard what we wanted and created logo and packaging that perfectly fit the image and story that we were trying to convey to our customers. We recommend Yuri unequivocally and we plan to hire him on future projects.

“AxonVR hired Yuri to help us define and refine our brand. As an emerging virtual reality startup, we needed a logo and company ID that captured the essence of our complex value proposition, and differentiated us from others. I really enjoyed working with Yuri, and am very pleased with the outcome.

Yuri is a very strategic thinker who has the ability to think in the abstract, but has a very pragmatic side as well. He listens closely, and does a great job gleaning input from the client. Once he “gets it”, he goes to work and provides a wide range of alternative designs. His presentation makes you appreciate the quality and depth of his thinking. Yuri pushed us out of our comfort zone just enough to make it fun – and with excellent results.”

Mark Kroese   President of AxonVR

Mark Kroese
President of AxonVR

Alejandra Salonga   Vice President of Image Orthodontics

Alejandra Salonga
Vice President of Image Orthodontics

“My company worked with Yuri Shvets to complete a full branding redesign after 10 years with the same logo and brand identity. We knew we needed something new, and fresh that could relate to our customers and clients, but did not know how to get there. Yuri asked us a lot of tough questions, did a thorough research, learned about our company culture and used this knowledge to create several wonderful concepts. Each idea and image had a story which Yuri walked us through. Each image invoked a distinctive feeling, all different, but all representing our company. We had multiple logos we loved and worked with Yuri to decide the best fit for our true needs from initial design to full print collateral.

Since then, our clients and employees love the new brand. It is fun and fresh and appeals to the full age range of our customers. It holds up and stands out as well in corporate settings as it does on branded items for kids at community events."