AxonVR / Brand Identity Development

CLIENT: AxonVR   ROLE: Creative Director   AGENCY: Yurika Creative

“We envision a world in which virtual experiences are indistinguishable from real life,” said Jake Rubin, Founder and inventor of AxonVR. 

Jake and his dream team have developed a ground-breaking platform that redefined the entire category by enabling developers to create fully immersive VR experiences. To move this idea forward and create a fully-functioning prototype, the bold startup needed to attract serious investors and the media. What was missing was a compelling visual metaphor for the new brand. Yurika was hired by Cynthia Hartwig, a seasoned brand strategist and investor, to help AxonVR build a much needed brand awareness. We needed to position AxonVR as an undisputed leader in the advanced haptics category. To achieve this we needed to make sure that AxonVR reenters the market with a unique and compelling brand identity. This identity needed to communicate with confidence AxonVR's key benefits and points of distinction as well as their true reason to believe.

I created a distinctive and elegant logo concept to help the new brand stand out in a busy and crowded virtual reality space. The modular letterforms in this logotype represent a fundamental and cohesive system whereby each component works harmoniously together for the benefit of the end user. Letter “X” is transformed into a “cartwheel” symbol, thus suggesting a full body immersion and the absolute freedom from restraints of the current technologies. Cartwheel also alludes to the idea of turning the VR industry on its head.


I felt incredibly rewarded to play my humble part in helping differentiate this revolutionary brand and was thrilled to find out that a little shortly after the new brand identity launch AxonVR secured over $5.5M in seed funds. This, as I learned, was the largest investment to date poured into any startup, operating in the VR haptics category.