La Marzocco / Brand Video

CLIENT: La Marzocco   ROLE: Design Director   AGENCY: States of Matter  CD:  Henry Yiu

I've had a privilege of collaborating with Henry Yiu, a founder of States of Matter, on conceptualization and visual narrative of La Marzocco brand video. The legendary Italian manufacturer of the ubiquitous Italian Espresso machines, needed to communicate a new unified brand strategy to the Florence team as well as the US counterpart, headquartered in Ballard, WA. To make sure the messaging and the look and feel rings true and resonates with the seasoned marketers on both sides of the Atlantic, I took a deep dive into the ocean of the historical archival materials.


As you may or may not know, "La Marzocco" is proudly named after a famous Donatello's sculpture of a lion, which is also an iconic symbol of Florence. The great spirit of this powerful symbol comes to life through a bold yet elegant typography and timeless imagery.The end result is an ambitious video presentation that celebrates the company's illustrious legacy, while confidently charting new bold territories.

( If you want to see the live video footage, please email me, and I will happily share with you a password to the Vimeo site. )

photos: courtesy of La Marzocco